What is MyTempEmail ?

MyTempEmail is a unique kind of temporary email service. It allows you to use one of three kinds of temporary email addresses;

1. Random Email Address - let us do the work and create an email address for you. We will even copy it to your clipboard automatically (you must have your browser setting properly configured)

2. Custom Email Address - choose any email prefix you want @MyTempEmail.com

3. Custom Email Forwarding - choose any email prefix you want @MyTempEmail.com and we will send all mail received to your personal email address for a given duration of time.

I created a Temporary Email Address, and the Domain is different than the main site?

We use a variety of servers and domains to keep the spammers at bay. Rest assured, we have your best interests in mind!

What makes MyTempEmail different from other temporary email sites?

The main differences are that you can choose the type of email you want; Random, Custom, or Custom Forwarding, AND you can RELPY to email received. Nice!

You can choose the duration that your email address is valid, and your email address will automatically self destruct after that given time frame, which means that the spammers can't get to you! SWEET!

You can use MyTempEmail for FREE, without any sign up or registration, which makes it Quick and Easy!

Why is being able to Reply so cool?

Whenever you get mail, you can reply to the sender. You can verify information, tell the person to email you at your personal email address, or whatever you want. With temporary email services that do not allow you to reply, you are forced to use your personal email address if you want to send a note back. Not with MyTempEmail.com We let you reply right from the message box. ChaChing!

When should I use Custom email?

You can use it any time you like, but let's say you are going to register at a site, and they will email you a confirmation link. Simply create the address BillyBob@MyTempEmail.com, and use that email address to receive your registration link. In a matter of minutes after you click the link, that email address is no longer valid, and the spammers have no way of reaching you.

Why is Custom Forwarding such a Big Deal?

Let's say you are going to a trade show, and don't want everyone under the sun emailing you. Create a MyTempEmail Custom Forward for a week or so, then give out your Custom MyTempEmail.com address. All the email you receive will be sent to your personal email address, but no one will know what your personal email address is. Then it is YOUR choice who you would like to respond to, and who to give out your personal email address to. Bada Bing!

So what kind of attachments can I send using MyTempEmail?

Simple answer, None. Attachments are stripped away, HTML is parsed and filtered, so as the saying goes, Text is Best! We also limit the number of emails you can receive, the size of the message, etc. etc. Hey, we're running a free temporary email service here, not your personal file sharing service!

Where does the MyTempEmail mail get sent to?

Right here, on the MyTempEmail site. Just come back and view your email right on the site. A session cookie will keep all of your information current for you. Of course, if you use the Custom Forwarding option, you can just go to your usual email client. Check your email exactly where you normally check it!

So MyTempEmail solves the Spam problem?

Uh... nope, but it will DEFINITELY help fight it. If the spammers don't know your personal email, they can't send you spam! They will be trying to send spam to an email address that has expired and is no longer valid!

I need to send secure, sensitive, and confidential email, can I use MyTempEmail?

Sure, you can use it, but we wouldn't recommend it. We try to make it private and secure, but there are no guarantees that some smart cookie won't be able to scrape your emails.

So what kind of Privacy Policy do you have?

We have a few additions to this one you can read about if you accept the terms of the MyTempEmail Custom Forwarding, but the Overall, All Encompassing, Final Say, End All Be All Privacy Policy is: NONE. We make no guarantees of privacy, server uptime, email responsiveness, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Privacy is a serious issue, and we DO try and keep everything private, secure, and running properly. However, we all have day jobs, and thoroughly enjoy natural sunlight. So we won't be sitting around with our finger on the button 24/7.

So what happens to my email once the time limit expires?

In the name of saving server space (and therefore money), all emails are automatically wiped off our servers once the time limit is reached.

My time limit expired, and I need some important information from an email, can you retrive that email for me?

Um... no. Please refer to the topic directly above.

So what good are you?

Well, that's really more praise than we are used to, but let it suffice to say we are just trying to help the world fight the spam problem.

So what if I have some constructive criticism for this site?

You can contact us directly at Mike *`at* MyTempEmail.com

MyTempEmail is Copyright 2010.